Our Attendance Policy

Seeking Knowledge is a must for every Muslim and Muslimah.
Talabul ‘ilmi fareedathu hua kulli muslim. 
Punctuality is the key to success.
As the proverb goes – Preparedness and Punctuality are two of the most important qualities of a leader.
It is a mercy when we try to step forward to learn. But this act must be accompanied by Punctuality, Consistency, and Cooperation between the teachers and the students.
Online classroom should be treated as a real based one. Mutual respect and co operation is very important to make it successful.
Teacher will begin the class right at the start time. 
Student should be in the classroom at the class start-time with all materials needed for the lesson.
If the student is not present, the teacher will wait for the first 15 minutes of the class. If the student does not enter the classroom within the first 15 minutes, then it is noted as an absence for the student.
Student has to access on time; the minutes when he is late,
are deducted from his class.
Students must be attentive enough. For this we suggest to give them space and isolate him/her from other gadgets or attention seeking things or talks. Also a headset will help to focus more on the lesson.
Student must give an advance notice to the respective teacher of any absence
an hour prior to his/her scheduled class. 
It is highly recommended to attend all classes, so students will understand the contents of the course well.
If you are a student of 1 to 1 session, the classes missed due to the absence of your teacher will be rescheduled for another day which is convenient for both you and your teacher.
If the student is planning to be absent for a class/classes, Please note that a maximum of only up to 2 missed classes per month due to the absence of students will be made up later by the teacher to lessen the burden of the teachers and also to respect their time and profession.
These points will aid in the successful running of the classes and for good progress in the students.
May Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla help every student to successfully complete this journey of acquiring beneficial knowledge… Aameen.